EA Purchases Online Gaming Studio ESN

Electronic Arts continues to expand its cloud-based gaming technology. EA has decided to acquire ESN, for an undisclosed sum. ESN had worked with EA on Battlelog, an online social platform for EA’s Battlefield 3. The news came from ESN’s blog.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity and the team is looking forward to focus all of its energy on DICE [EA’s existing Swedish studio], Battlelog and the Battlefield series,” ESN’s founders wrote

Besides their Planet Framework, ESN also has 2 other products for game developers. Beaconpush provides developers  a push service for creating real-time web apps to be used with HTML5. As well as Sonar, which allows for developers to integrate voice communication into their online games.

EA must have been impressed ESN’s technology and Battlelog and could be interested in expanding to other games and help at getting a better footing with it’s own store Origin. It seems that the negotiation was actually completed on June, but decided to delay the news till recently.

EA confirmed the acquisition to TechCrunch ,but declined to explain any more that the purchase of the acquisition.

ESN is also looking to add more developers to its team which at the moment is only 20 members

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