Enshrouded: Ascending The Low Meadows Ancient Spire

Embervale covers a great deal of territory, Flameborn. You must fight for every inch of it, and you must be able to move swiftly to challenge threats.

The Low Meadows Ancient Spire is a long trek to the east. It lies beyond the Hunter’s Ancient Vault, and close to the Ancient Vault of the Carpenter (which you are still not ready for). It’s highly advisable that you undertake this journey at level 7. Make sure you’ve got plenty of Health Potions and Bandages before you proceed, as the world of Enshrouded always has plenty of danger in store for you.

The Road To Low Meadows

The Low Meadows Ancient Spire is almost directly east of the Braelyn Elixir Well you cleared earlier. There’s a road just north of the Elixir Well which runs to the east, so take that to save your stamina. You’ll come to a fork in the road, and, beyond that, a campground. This is a Southern Caravan Camp marker, part of a minor quest chain. Clear out any enemies that might be nearby, check the tents for loose loot and chests, then read the lore item to reveal a new point of interest further north.

Go back to the fork and face east. From there, take the right-hand path. It will lead to a crossroads with a Renew Beacon. Continue heading south for a bit, then turn left on to a dirt road leading roughly southeast. You’ll come to a ruined tower with some Shroud mutants in it. Kill the mutants, then explore the tower. There’s a silver chest hidden behind a ruined bookcase, and a gold chest near the top, accessible by a Grappling Hook point. Once you’ve looted the tower completely, leave and hook around, making your way down to the road to the northeast. You’ll come to a bridge leading over an Enshrouded area. Go across the bridge and continue to follow the road east. It will lead up to some ruined stairs. Continue climbing up until eventually the game will announce you’ve reached the Ancient Spire. Follow the road all the way up to the ground floor, then activate the teleport pad to begin the ascent.

“I feel oddly constrained, as though I’m being put through some sort of maze…”

Low Meadows Ancient Spire: The Ascent

1st Floor: Teleporting in from the ground floor, you find yourself near a set of double doors with two lock indicators over them. The first switch is to your right, over a field of spike traps. Go down the stairs, jump over the spikes, and pop the switch. Turn to your left and you’ll see the second switch. Hit that, and the double doors will open up. However, don’t go back just yet! Opposite the second switch is a doorway with a short flight of stairs. Go through there, turn right, and you’ll see a silver chest protected by lightning bolt traps. Claim the chest, dodge the various traps, go up the stairs back the way you came and head through the double doors to the next teleport pad.

2nd Floor: Immediately to your right is a set of double doors, this one with a single lock indicator above it. The floor is also covered with spike traps, but they’re not currently active. Follow the traps all the way to the end. There is a switch which will unlock the door and start the traps running. Dodge the traps and get back to the teleport pad. The doors are open, but there are now two more sets of double doors, one to the left, and one to the right. Each of them has a lock indicator. The left-hand set leads to the way out. But you’ll have to go past them to yet another set of double doors on the right. These doors are unlocked.

Follow the corridor to the end, and you’ll see a turn filled with spike traps. Go past the first run of traps to the cleared-out area, then go onto the balcony next to the second run of traps for a common chest. Go past the second run of traps and you’ll find the next teleport pad. Don’t teleport up yet! To the northwest of the pad is a switch. Hit the switch, run back through the spike traps towards the pad you came in on, and you’ll see the right-hand locked doors are now open. Inside, on the left, is the switch that opens up the left-hand locked doors (leading you directly to the outbound teleport pad), while a golden chest is on your right. Get the chest, then go through the doors to the teleport pad.

3rd Floor: This floor is going to require a lot of carefully timed jumps. First, turn around and go onto the balcony for a locked common chest. Looking across the room, you’ll see doors with the outbound teleport pad behind them. There’s no lock indicator, but they will not open for you. Just to the left and back a bit from the doors to the outbound teleporter is another set of doors. These will open up for you.

Hang a right and you’ll see a chamber mostly full of lava with a safe platform in the corner. Jump to the platform, turn, and cross the lava again into the corridor with the climbing wall at the end. Climb up, turn right, and drop straight down. A pair of lightning traps fill the narrow corridor. Jump past them, turn right, and you’ll see a trigger on the floor. Look left, and you’ll see a pair of double doors with a shooting switch behind them. Stand on the floor trigger to open the doors, then use a Staff weapon or a bow to hit the switch and lock the doors open.

Go to the left and you’ll find yourself standing above the spike traps from when you first came in. Across the way, you’ll see a climbing wall. Above you, you will see a Grappling Hook point. Depending on how long it’s taken you, you might not be at your maximum resting buff. If not, build yourself a Campfire and rest up to get as much bonus to Stamina as you can. Once you have that, swing across with the Grappling Hook, climb up the wall, and turn left. There is a switch on the wall. Hit the switch and you’ll stop the spike traps and open up the door to the final teleport pad.

“I’d probably make a pun about being shocked under other circumstances, but there’s nobody else to enjoy it.”

Top Floor: Commune with the Flame in the center of the room and you’ll get four new points of interest, as well as unlocking the Spire as a fast travel point.

Low Meadows Spire Aftermath

With this Spire unlocked, you’ll be better placed to explore the eastern reaches of the Low Meadows. However, enemies further east will be higher in level, so the Spire might basically serve as the eastern border of your domain for the near future. Unlocking it as a fast travel point can save you some time when you finally do make your run at recovering the Carpenter, particularly if you’re trying to conserve your Rested buff.

There’s still more do to out there, Flameborn. More to discover and more to contend against as you work to restore Embervale. You’ve gone to the heights. Now, maybe it’s time to plumb the depths. Check out GameLuster’s other Enshrouded guides for more helpful advice to aid you on your journey.

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