Enshrouded: How To Get The Alchemist’s Mortar

Strength of arms is not all that is required for a champion to succeed. They must be able to tap into powerful resources at a moments notice, resources derived from the humblest of materials.

Having recovered all the artisans from their various durances, improving their capabilities is the next big task for Enshrouded players. And this task is broken up into a series of smaller tasks. The first, and probably easiest, of these is obtaining a Mortar for Balthazar, The Alchemist. It’s going to require some cross-country travel and some good Enshrouded endurance – and the help of this guide, of course!

Balthazar’s Tower

From the Farmer’s Vault, head due east. As you approach a cliff face, start making your way north. Keep going till you reach a large Enshrouded area. Pop a Shroud Survival Flask if you haven’t already. Resume heading east. You’ll come across the ruins of Lone Thistle. There are a good number of Shroud mutants running around. They’re mostly level 11, but there’s a level 15 mutant at the south end which serves as a sort of regional “mini-boss.”

Dispatch them quickly, then keep moving east along the south edge of the ruins. You’ll come across some Shroud Flowers, the mutated cousins of Poison Flowers, which you might have come across around the north side of the Farmer’s Vault. These spit Shroud spores at you, which burn down your Enshrouded protection timer faster. However, they also drop Shroud Sacks, a key material for the Advanced Glider.

Once the flowers are killed, you’ll notice the path leading up to the tower. Head up there and take a breath. The spot right in front of the doors is outside of the Shroud, so let your timer recharge here before heading inside.

“He really didn’t want anybody touching his stuff.”

Just inside the door, you’ll see a set of stairs leading down and to your right. Descend, and you’ll come to two sets of locked metal doors. Inside, you can make out the Mortar. Head back upstairs to the ground floor, then ascend the stairs heading up to the next floor. Keep going up until you reach the top floor of the tower. Towards one of the south walls, you’ll see a barricaded doorway.

Smash it with a Felling Axe or other weapon, and step inside. You’ll find a hearth with an unused Campfire waiting, along with a lock switch. Press the button to undo the lock, then head back downstairs. As you go, look for other doors and barricaded doorways. Loose materials of all sorts can be found on all floors of the tower. There are also a couple of chests to be had, and the Shroud is only partially present on the first floor.

Down in the basement, one set of doors has opened up, revealing the Mortar. You’ll need to have an open slot in either your backpack or your action bar to pick it up. If you go around the corner, you’ll see another lock switch which will open up the other set of metal doors in the basement. Once you’ve got it, step outside into the small “clear” zone in front of the tower’s front doors, then fast travel home.

For those jumbo economy size materials…

Grind Me Up: Using The Alchemist’s Mortar

Back at your base, set the Mortar close to Balthazar and he’ll thank you for your efforts. New crafting options will be unlocked, since they required the Mortar in the first place. You’ll now be able to make Mana Potions (helpful for the mage-type characters), as well as Greater Health Potions (which restore 400 hit points) and the Flask Of The Fell, a potion that boosts your Stamina by a straight 20 points.

Additionally, you’ll unlock refined materials such as Glow Dust (made from Fire Flies), Bug Dust (made from the Critter Parts left by Shroud Bugs), and Goo. Additionally, you’ll unlock the Mage and Healer armor sets, though some of the materials are currently unavailable to you until you start getting deeper into the Revelwood. You’ll also unlock the recipe for a new, upgraded Mortar, if you don’t feel like heading back to Balthazar’s Tower. However, it requires materials which you do not currently have access to at this point in time.

Alchemist’s Mortar Recipes

  • Greater Health Potion – 1 Honey, 1 Water, 1 Purple Berry, 1 Chamomile

  • Mana Potion – 2 Azure Russula

  • Wisp of Light – 3 Bug Dust, 2 Glow Dust, 1 Resin

  • Flask of The Fell – 1 Shroud Liquid, 1 Strawberry, 1 Forest Beet

  • Chain Lightning (x20) – 4 Bonemeal, 1 Copper Bar, 20 Flintstone, 4 Resin

  • Chain Heal (x20) – 4 Bonemeal, 5 Chamomile, 1 Glow Dust

  • Bug Dust – 1 Critter Parts

  • Glow Dust – 1 Fire Fly

  • Goo – 1 Dirt, 1 Shroud Liquid, 1 Bug Dust

  • Healer Headwrap – 2 Amber, 2 Dried Fur, 1 Glow Dust, 2 Linen

  • Healer Tunic – 5 Amber, 5 Linen, 2 Metal Sheets, 10 Torn Cloth

  • Healer Gloves – 4 Amber, 2 Dried Fur, 6 Linen

  • Healer Pants – 4 Amber, 8 Bones, 3 Dried Fur, 8 Linen

  • Healer Boots – 2 Bones, 2 Dried Fur, 1 Glow Dust, 4 Linen

  • Mage Hat – 2 Amber, 1 Indigo Plant, 2 Linen, 4 Torn Cloth

  • Mage Chest – 6 Amber, 3 Indigo Plant, 10 Linen, 10 Torn Cloth

  • Mage Gloves – 4 Amber, 2 Indigo Plant, 6 Linen, 6 Torn Cloth

  • Mage Trousers – 2 Amber, 2 Indigo Plant, 8 Linen, 8 Torn Cloth

  • Mage Boots – 2 Dried Fur, 1 Indigo Plant, 4 Linen, 2 Torn Cloth

  • Mortar – 5 Sand, 10 Lumps of Clay, 3 Sulfur, 2 Nitrate, 5 Charcoal

“One mortar, just like you asked for.”
“Don’t touch my stuff.”

There’s really no getting around it. The rest of your artisans have requests which are located far to the north, in the Revelwood. Which means the best thing you can do is take the Ancient Spire located there. But that means strengthening your Flame further, and that’s going to be a fight. Keep an eye out for future GameLuster Enshrouded guides for help progressing further!

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