Santa Monica Studio Working On Unannounced Action RPG

With a game as critically acclaimed as God of War Ragnarök under your belt, Santa Monica Studio has fans dying to know what the studio has in-store for them and thanks to a recent job listing, we might just have insight as to what that may be. According to the job listing, Santa Monica Studio is developing a yet to be announced action RPG. Many have taken this as to mean the studio is working on a new God of War title. However, we have yet to receive confirmation.

Since the release of God of War Ragnarök and it’s free Valhalla DLC, Santa Monica Studio has been radio silent as to what their next project may be.  But thanks to a recent ad, it would seem that the studio is looking for a senior technical user interface and experience designer that should be well-versed in developing in-engine UIs for action RPGs which pertains to “a new unannounced title.” This listing does line up with previous job listings posted by Santa Monica Studio.

As late as February 2022, Santa Monica Studio has been creating job listings for “a new unannounced title”, and based on past patterns with Sony’s pre-production periods of several of their titles, it would make sense that these listings all correlate to one singular project. Considering that a large focus of the company’s efforts have been exclusively on the God of War franchise, it is safe to say the “a new unannounced title” may be connected to the God of War games.

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