Experience Super Mario Bros. On A Classic Game & Watch Console

Thirty-five years ago, the original Super Mario Bros. game was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach and the rest have become a beloved part of the gaming community, and the series has expanded to include tons of new games for multiple consoles. Mario and friends have definitely come far from that original side-scrolling platform with its distinctive pixel art style!

Now, as part of Mario’s 35th birthday celebration, the gamers of today can re-experience this classic on a brand new version of a vintage Game & Watch console. Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. re-imagines the 1980 handheld for 2020, combining its iconic liquid crystal screen with a full-color display. Players can enjoy the original Super Mario Bros. title with 35 new touch-ups in honor of the 35 years we’ve spent with Mario. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Direct which announced this did not clarify what exactly these touch-ups will be, so we’ll just have to find out once the game releases.

Super Mario Bros. is not the only game which will be available to play on this exciting new Game & Watch console. It will also feature Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, the 1986 game which first began to develop Luigi’s distinct abilities and play style. Plus, the console will feature a remade version of Game & Watch Ball, the very first Game & Watch title ever created, featuring Mario as the playable character. And of course, because it’s a Game & Watch console, it can of course also be used as a clock!

The Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. officially releases on November 13, 2020. However, it has been announced as a limited availability item, so you’ll have to keep an eye out if this retro revival has piqued your interest!

The reveal came as part of the surprise Mario themed Nintendo Direct today, which made dozens of Mario announcements. These include Super Mario 35, a battle royale title, and biggest of all, Super Mario 3D All-Stars – a Switch port collection of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. 

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