Deploying Big Yeetus: Fall Guys’ New Hammer

Everyone’s favorite jelly bean battle royale, Fall Guys, will soon welcome a new hammer into the game. The hammer also has a name: Big Yeetus. It will be incorporated into maps at random as a way to “shake things up”, according to developer Mediatonic.

Big Yeetus sounds like a big problem, particularly for me, whose proudest boast is making it to round three, but instead, Mediatonic describe Big Yeetus as “chaotic neutral”.

Beneath the caption is a short GIF of Big Yeetus in action. If the hammer knocks your jelly bean character at the right moment, it could propel you to the finish line. Of course, it might also fling you off the map and result in your elimination from a well-fought semi-final place.

The introduction of Big Yeetus is also a rather rare one, considering this is one of the first major in-game changes to Fall Guys, which launched almost a month ago on August 4.

The visual evidence from the Twitter post further suggests that Big Yeetus may at times make a surprise appearance at the end of Dizzy Heights.

In other jelly bean news, Mediatonic’s charity competition to add a new branded costume into the game concluded. The studio called the competition, “Battle Of The Brands,” with a very simple premise: all participants would enter an amount of money they’d be willing to donate to Special Effect, a UK based charity supporting gamers with physical disabilities.

Two days ago, the winner (in this case, winners, as there were four) of the competition were announced. G2 Esports, Aim Lab, streamer Ninja, and YouTuber, Mr. Beast, came together to combine their donations, submitting a total of $1,000,000.

If you’re looking for more from the world of Fall Guys, then check out GameLuster’s very own top ten list of pun-infused character skins. To get you started, there’s one called Jimmy Fallon Guy…

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