Fan-made Dark Souls Sequel, ‘Dark Souls: Nightfall’, Drops First 18 Minutes of Gameplay

PlayStation 5 players were recently treated to the Demon’s Souls remake, but it could be soon that PC players will get some sort-of new Souls content.

The Dark Souls: Nightfall project comes from creators such as Grimrukh, AinTunez, and Meowmaritus, and will pick up from where the first game left off. The released 18 minute WIP gameplay gives us a tease of what we can expect from the mod.

The mod follows the premise of if you chose the ‘dark ending’ in Dark Souls and the consequences of it, hence the mod’s title.

The footage shows you first in Undead Asylum but you will soon progress to witness the defeat of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, and consequently the dark ending of the game. We get a look at the new enemies, new gear, new game additions, a new boss, and new characters.

Dark Souls: Nightfall by Grimrukh
Dark Souls: Nightfall by Grimrukh

So what else do we know so far? Players can expect the mod to have expanded lore, new player abilities, modified enemies with modified animations, new NPCs, and a lot of re-texturing. The mod also introduces a nifty day and night system.

Grimrukh notes that the mod “has a new world map. No brand new assets, but I’m using a mixture of physically rearranging the areas of Lordran and building new areas out of existing map pieces and collisions.”

He also notes that Dark Souls: Nightfall will have a “heavily modified, faster-paced combat system.”

Grimrukh was also part of the team behind the popular Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash mod from 2019. For fans of this mod, Dark Souls: Nightfall is going to be “larger and more ambitious than Daughters of Ash.”

We currently have no release date for the mod, but if it is anything like the Daughter’s of Ash mod, it will be available for both Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.

You can check out the gameplay below!

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