Raven Issue Third Ban Wave Across Warzone In February

Raven Software has confirmed that another ban wave has rolled out in Warzone, as the developers step up “anti-cheat efforts on all fronts”, while confirming that this won’t be the last. This latest wave comes just two weeks after the last on February 9, where Raven maintained their message of keeping Warzone free of cheaters.

At the beginning of April 2020, in less than a month since the hugely popular battle royale mode launched, Gameluster reported that Infinity Ward and Activision had banned more than 50,000 players due to cheating. 

Jump forward to February 2021, and Raven announced that more than 60,000 suspect accounts had been barred from the battle-royale, which bought the total to over 300,000 permabans since launch. Another wave rolled out the week after, so the numbers, before today are pretty substantial.  

Raven stated their “efforts to identify and address cheat providers at the source, who distribute unauthorized third party software for modding or hacking.”

The developers have ramped up their fight against cheaters with upgrades to their internal anti-cheat software, new detection technology, and more consistent communications on progress.

Raven said, “There’s no place for cheating. We’re committed to this cause. We are listening and will not stop in our efforts.”

The problem has become so widespread and mainstream of late that Youtube content creator Vikkstar quit Warzone after spectating a cheater live-streaming their match on Facebook Gaming. The streamer described the battle-royale had become “so saturated with hackers, you tend to find them in every single lobby.” 

In the clip, Vikkstar and his teammates are astounded by the brazen attitude shown by the cheater, as they move throughout the map with the locations of every single player in the lobby on their screen. Despite this, the cheater fails to claim a Warzone victory, coming second. 

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