Farm on the Switch

Giants Software’s Farming Simulator is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

The Farming Simulator series provides gamers opportunity to farm with real-world vehicles, but none of the real-world blisters and long days. The games have a massive open world, and players may run their farm however they wish, serious or silly.

The Switch edition comes with over 250 vehicles, tools, and farming equipment from more than seventy-five agricultural manufacturers. Several tools will also be available for the more dedicated gamer-farmer to utilize.

The game also has a sandbox mode, so instead of spending hours planting and tending to crops you could just drive a Lamborghini Mach VRT tractor off a cliff at 40 mph, or see what happens when a 16-wheeler sits on train tracks for too long.   

If you’ve ever wanted to take your Switch with you on the train and sow a couple seeds before work, now you totally can.

Check out the trailer below. You may also let us know if farming is an activity you would want to do in a game.


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