Final Fantasy 16: Where To Find & Defeat Morbol Carrot

During the Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol side quest in Final Fantasy XVI, you will be tasked to locate an extraordinary Morbol named Carrot. Although you can get hints about this monster’s location from the Hunt Board, they’re pretty vague, and some players may still have issues finding this creature. To stop you from wasting your time, here’s a guide on where to find Carrot in Final Fantasy 16!

Final Fantasy 16 Morbol Carrot Location

You can find Carrot in a secluded swamp in the Whispering Waters in the Eastern Rosaria region. The closest Obelisk is at Three Reeds, and you only need to travel for a bit until you find an unmarked path on the north side of the open field.

If you have unlocked the mount feature, you can call your trusty Chocobo to your side by holding the R3 button. When riding Ambrosia, you can easily ignore annoying regular enemies that will try to get in your way, and can reach your destination in no time!

Final Fantasy 16 Morbol Carrot Location

Carrot is a B-Rank monster with a similar move set to the first Morbol boss you faced in the Prologue. You generally want to avoid being near its massive mouth since it will spew out toxic smoke and other hazardous materials.

Using Garuda’s skills can reduce Carrot’s Will Gauge quickly. Once the beast is staggered, you can enter Limit Break mode to deal extra damage. Initially, the boss will only use regular Morbol attacks, like Bad Breath, but the monster will become much more aggressive when you have reduced its HP bar to half.

Besides throwing up Acid Rain that leaves numerous acid puddles, Carrot will also unleash Worse Breath, which is the upgraded version of Bad Breath with extra-long range. Luckily, you don’t need to flee from the area and can pass through this attack with a Precision Dodge.

Final Fantasy 16 Morbol Carrot Burrow

Another move you want to be aware of is called Burrow. The Morbol will leap into the air and attempt to flatten you with its massive body. If it fails, it will burrow into the ground and jump out from another spot a second later.

The last dangerous attack Carrot has is named Wild Rage. The monster will become berserk and charge at you at full speed. Like Worse Breath, you can dodge the Morbol by quickly moving sideways or performing a Precision Dodge.

Once you’ve found and beaten Carrot in Final Fantasy 16, you can return to Nigel and giving him the Morbol Tendril he needs. In exchange for your help, the Head Botanist will increase the efficacy of your potions, making them a lot more potent.

What did you think of the battle against Morbol Carrot? Comment below and let us know!

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