Final Fantasy 16: How To Find & Defeat Behemoth King

The Masterless Marauder Notorious Mark is an S-Rank hunt you can find after discovering the Ash continent in Final Fantasy 16. According to the poster on the Hunt Board, the monster was once a beast tamed by the Kingdom of Waloed. Unfortunately, since all citizens in the continent have turned Akashic due to Ultima’s machination, the Behemot King has escaped from its confine and wandered into the wilderness. This guide will cover how to find and defeat this dangerous creature in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Masterless Marauder Hunt Guide

Final Fantasy 16 Behemoth King Location

You can find the Behemoth King in the Vidagraes Field before the Royal Capital of Waloed, Stonhyrr. The monster will be patrolling the open meadow, and you should be able to see it from afar due to its massive size. Since this is an S-Rank Notorious Mark, be sure to come prepared with upgraded gear and fully stocked potions.

Although the Behemoth King is relatively slow, it mitigates this weakness by having numerous AoE attacks. The first move it may use is Four Horsemen, which will summon four small meteors from the sky.

The monster will also call bolts of lightning during its Maelstorm attack, and it will follow up the move by charging toward you. When you reduce its HP to half, the Behemoth King will launch Reign of Fire, which summons numerous meteors that cover the battle arena. You cannot fully escape this attack, and can only evade the falling rocks and the following blasts using Precision Dodges.

Final Fantasy 16 Behemoth King Apocalypse

The final move you have to be wary of is called Apocalypse, which is a chain of attacks that consists of two Reign of Fire, two Four Horsemen, and finally, a massive meteor from the sky. You really don’t want to get caught in this attack, or Clive will definitely die.

It is recommended to use Garuda and Shiva’s abilities in this battle. The former can quickly reduce the boss’ Will Gauge, while the latter has great abilities with good damage that still significantly reduce an enemy’s Will.

Defeating the Masterless Marauder will reward you with 20,000 XP, 200 Ability Points, 20,000 Gil, and 55 Renown. As a bonus, you will also get one Orichalcum and the Behemoth Shackle.

With this guide, you can find and beat the Behemoth King in Final Fantasy 16. If you need help beating the game’s many other monsters – including the final boss! – consider reading other articles on GameLuster. For example, you may want to gather more Orichalcum to craft the strongest sword, the Gotterdammerung, before you face the final boss.

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