Final Fantasy VII Remake Yuffie DLC Episode Coming to PS5

In a surprise announcement in today’s PlayStation State of Play announcement, a brand new episode of DLC for last year’s Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced, as part of a new version of the game titled Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade. This new version and all its DLC will release on June 10 this year.

The brand new chapter will feature the return of a beloved character from the original game, ninja Yuffie Kisaragi. She’ll star in this addition to the base game alongside a brand new character named Sonon. There’s very little we know about this completely new figure yet, but we have seen both him and Yuffie in action against new bosses that players will have to face off against. Also making a cameo at the very end of the trailer was Weiss, a villain who originally appeared in Dirge of Cerberus, and later in the prequel game Crisis Core, as the leader of secret Shinra subgroup Deepground.

Yuffie’s DLC chapter will be available for free if you purchase Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade. However, if you claim this version as a free upgrade from the PS4 edition of the game, the DLC will be paid.

Outside of this new addition to the story of FFVII Remake, the PS5 version features a ton of new features. New visual effects have been added, with fog effects, lighting, and textures, and load times are far faster than on the PS4. A graphics mode has been included, which will allow you to play through the entire game in beautiful 4K. Also, Square Enix have added a photo mode to Intergrade, allowing players to capture any moment around Midgar that catches their eye. And, finally, this version will allow players to transfer over their save data from the base game.

Are you excited for even more Final Fantasy VII Remake content? Let us know!

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