Final Fantasy VIII’s Rinoa Heartilly Announced for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Ever since Square Enix’s disclosure of a new female character in a podcast on July 3, fans have been eagerly waiting to hear who it will be. The wait is now over! In their latest broadcast, Square Enix announced their newest addition to the playable characters of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT to be Rinoa Heartilly.

Rinoa Heartilly is known for being in Kingdom Hearts, Itadaki Street and Puzzle & Dragons; however, her debut was in Final Fantasy VII (FF8) back in 1999. She was the lead female and the main character’s (Squall Leonheart) love interest.

Rinoa’s trademark is angel wings on the back of her blue duster sweater. Her weapon, at least in Final Fantasy VII, is a bladed boomerang like projectile which she fires from a mechanism on her left arm. She also has a dog in that game which aids her in battle, but her strongest weapon is a shooting star, and her strongest limit breaker is Wishing Star. It will be interesting to see what she brings to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Take a look at her introduction trailer below:

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