Firewatch Coming this Spring for Switch

According to Firewatch developer Campo Santo’s website, the 2016 award-winning game will be released on the Nintendo Switch this spring.

The announcement was given through the Firewatch website this morning. While Santo’s post alluded to the release coming this spring, an official release date was not announced.

In the storytelling tone that so encapsulates the game, the post reads:

“Imagine: The sounds of a babbling brook, a cool mountain breeze blowing through the timer. And in your hands, your trusty Nintendo Switch.”

Firewatch will join an already hefty list of exciting games coming to the Switch, including Dark Souls Remastered and the new Super Smash Bros. With all of these illustrious games competing for their spot on the popular console, it will be interesting to see if Firewatch can keep up.

Firewatch is currently available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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