Five things Mario Party 10 needs through downloadable content

This is a golden age for games, through the ideas of downloadable content games can be built upon and evolved. Previously, Nintendo has proven on many occasions that they know how to make good downloadable content that is decent value and fun to play. Without sacrificing the original game’s quality Nintendo brings about the best possible additions they can which enhance the experience, and as of right now Nintendo already has extra content planned for many of their games including Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS as well as Splatoon. However one game that has obviously been neglected is Mario Party 10, Nintendo has yet to announce extra content for Mario’s failing party and trust me he definitely needs it. While Mario Party 10 is not a bad game, it does have a number of notable problems that need addressing and this is where downloadable content would be perfect, with it the necessary fixes and additions could be made, but what should be added through downloadable content? Well, I have considered that.

More Bowser Minigames

The Bowser Party mode was easily the biggest highlight of Mario Party 10 and the Bowser minigames were really enjoyable, the big problem with them however was there was so few. Each minigame was fun and made true use of the Gamepad for the Bowser player, but by the time the remote players were three quarters of the way around the board it was likely that the minigames were being repeated which quickly lost appeal. Through downloadable content Nintendo could rectify this problem, there is so much potential for more minigames and I hope Nintendo decides to do it and make Bowser Party the best mode it could be.

More Boards

This goes without saying but Mario Party 10 needs more boards, I will admit in the game we received some good ones but while quality is a good thing and the saying goes quality over quantity this isn’t the case in Mario Party 10. The game needs more boards to play on as the Mario Party mode only features five boards, and it gets worse with Bowser Party which only features three of those five boards. We all know Mario Party 10 has potential for more and by adding more boards Nintendo can provide more interest in the game and break away from the annoying repetition that exists in the game from playing on the same boards. This couldn’t be more the case with Bowser Party, the three boards chosen for the mode are good ones and provide variations from one another in how they play. However these three do grow tiresome rather quickly, and to put further emphasis on this mode and show just how great it is by adding additions in new boards will cement the enjoyment which I know is there and fix the replay value.

Better Amiibo use

As of let I have only found one game that makes great use of Amiibo’s and makes them worth getting, which of course is Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. I was hoping for big things from Amiibo Party when Mario Party 10 arrived but was sadly left disappointed, I can’t begin to consider what they could do with the Amiibo with downloadable content but surely they could do better than Amiibo Party. It seems like a no brainer if Nintendo wanted to do downloadable content that they could fix and find a new use for Amiibo’s that gives them a point, though I doubt it will happen.

Classic Mario Party mode

I have begun to get over my issues with how Mario Party mode operates in Mario Party’s 9 and 10, however if this is the case I still much prefer the way the game played up to the 8th instalment. I am not the only one that shares this thought however, many of us long for Mario Party to return to its roots and allow us to wander the boards ourselves in the race to get the stars. Through downloadable content this could be done easily, in combination with new boards that play with the classic style I don’t think it is unrealistic for the classic mode to return and I know for a fact that many of us want to see it, however it won’t happen but I can dream.

More characters

Mario Party 10 seemed to drop a lot of the characters from over the past few entries, and what we did get was not overly fantastic. The game basically dropped us back to one or two bad guy characters and the rest were pretty much standard characters from the obvious Mario and Yoshi, to the more recent inclusion of Rosalina and while we don’t need many characters for this particular game as they don’t mean much but even still it would be great to have more options. Perhaps Nintendo could go down the same path that they have in Mario Kart 8 and offer characters from outside Mario, Nintendo’s IP are ripe for use in Mario Party and Nintendo could truly make use of them again in Mario Party 10 by adding characters like Link, Fox Mcloud, Captain Falcon and more, it would certainly make things interesting. Again though I doubt it will happen but as stated it is ripe for potential.

I doubt Nintendo will decide to do downloadable content for Mario Party 10, but I can’t deny it would be great to see. Mario Party 10 can be evolved into the perfect Mario Party experience that we all want to see and be one of the Wii U’s best games, the one we know it can be. Let’s just hope Nintendo has some surprises in the works.

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