If you hadn’t heard about Nintendo not attending E3, read it here.

So Nintendo will be attending E3, it just wont be doing it in the similar fashion it has done in the past. So no huge conference before the opening of E3 doors. They will be showcasing games, all the ones that have been announced so far in the Nintendo Directs, and who knows maybe we will get a few surprise along the way.

So is it smart for Nintendo not to attend E3 as it has been expected from them. Microsoft and Sony we will be having their regular conferences and showing off their new consoles. The PS4 and whatever Microsoft decides to call it once sometime in late May. So it does give the impression that Nintendo is scared to go head to head with the other 2 companies. Nintendo actually has been getting a lot of negative feedback on them not attending E3.

I personally do agree that is bad for them not to have their usual E3 conference. Even if it seems unnecessary, appearances are very crucial and this certainly makes Nintendo look bad. Last Year when Mr. Iwata, the President of Nintendo and CEO NOA as well , did not show up at E3, just gave me the impression he was to scared to show himself after Nintendo started to struggle financially. They will be having some behind the doors meetings for retailers and media but it won't be as big and not everyone will be able to see them.

Yet I completely understand why Nintendo won't be having an all out E3 conference. If you been following their latest Nintendo Directs, which you should by the way, you would know that they have been phenomenal and unveiling lots of new information of unannounced games as well some known titles.  They have been so great that I personally have enjoyed them more than past 4 E3's  Nintendo has had.  So if fans have been enjoying the directs more than E3 why bother have it anyways.

So maybe Nintendo knows better by not having an E3. After All a few other companies are completely absent, such as RockStar, and Nintendo will be having its booth. Maybe Nintendo knew that it will be getting alot of press, mostly bad, but maybe any press can become good press if it is alot of it.