GameLuster Thoughts – Is Nintendo not attending E3 a smart decisicion or just plain terrible.

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  1. I think that Nintendo is going to be facing some very tough times in the near future, it seems like the wiiu is just not up to par with the next gen consoles from both sony and microsoft (specs wise). I know that Nintendo has a lot more to offer to gamers than just graphics. They have very enjoyable first party software, and some very unique albeit gimmicky controls. This time however the wiiu seems to be barely better than the ps3 or 360. While they have very unique first party software, they have been surviving on a bubble of the same tittles releasing the same software time and time again.

    Now with them deciding to be absent at e3, it gives the impression that they are either unsure of their ability to convince and excite new players with a conference, and give E3 to their competitors, or to depend souly on demos and news within their community to do that for them, either way it present problems.

    I am no fiscal analyst or wall street prodigy, in fact i am probably the opposite, but if even i can sense that this seems to be a weird risky move on the part of Nintendo i imagine what the investors might think.

    If they are depending only on demos, and games to do the talking for them, it is very respectable, however most of the people who are not interested in Nintendo will not be exposed to their content and perhaps miss out on great games that Nintendo is offering, and Nintendo will be missing out on more revenue from those new gamers.

    While I am sure that NIntendo will always be a household name, specially to gamers just starting out, the ever closer next generation war of the consoles are going to be difficult trials for Nintendo. I hope I am proven wrong and Nintendo flourishes the way it has before, but if E3 is any sign, that seems to be inconclusive at best.

    1. Yup your right this is a very risky move on Nintendo’s Part which could severely hurt them. I think it is a little of being afraid and also think that their games will be able to do all the talking. I guess we will see soon how this will play out