GameLuster’s Nerd Chest – Atari

This a new series here at GameLuster

Most people in the world still have the notion that the average gamer is a nerdy kid with glasses and a pocket protector. Well I am here to say that this notion is just too old because, we live in a world filled with what we at Game Luster like to think of as “Gamer X.” Let us tell you that the look of “Gamer X” is different from that of what we all remember it includes the jock that use to try to bully us for lunch money. Yet when they step into our world things are different because they are starting to move up in the ranking.

“Gamer X” is someone that sit next you at school or work you would never guess he or even she can kill you with a head shot. Here at Game Luster we are here to feed your hunger for the information that we all want to have at the tips of our fingers. Most bloggers always try to have a very specific concentration and everyone else at Game Luster does that exactly but, my blogging is a little different in that I will not only talk about one thing. I rather share a bunch of different things that might interest our fellow gamers.

It may be a little bit different from the usual but most readers are tired of reading the same old things from every other gaming site. I’d rather show you guy’s things for all type of gamers. One of the things that the younger generation seems to have forgotten is the simple beauty of the classic gaming system “Atari.” Thanks to Atari helping push the idea that we could have a game console in your home we have all of the gaming consoles out today. We are not here to give you a history lesson on video games but rather show you what you want to see.!/arcade/atari-promo (This link will take you to the Atari emulator that you should definitely check out.)

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