Gamescom Opening Night: Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead Announced

Amid Gamescom’s more action-packed title announcements, today came a more down to earth announcement from Headup. Featuring a bedraggled man wandering a deserted wasteland only to find an abandoned factory and inside a generator, the teaser revealed that the man wanted the electricity so he could power a laptop, put on some headphones and play a video game.

However, his turning on of the generator attracted zombies, and his quite nice headphones drowned out those zombies for just long enough for the man to be ambushed. As the zombies attack, the man drops his laptop to reveal the game he’s been playing is Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.

An unusual choice of method for announcing a game, but memorable and true to the series with which it is crossing over. Details are sparse, but we can only imagine the game will involve creating bridges that survive long enough for a convoy of surviving humans to cross.


Given that Bridge Constructor’s crossover with the Portal franchise incorporated the lore of that game into its gameplay, it seems likely that fending off and delaying a zombie hoard may factor into the gameplay as well. Only time and future updates will tell.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is announced for this year.

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