Gears 5 Review – Blood in the Ice

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Luke takes a look at the latest entry in the Xbox exclusive franchise, Gears of War Gears 5. The franchise has been going since 2006. Does the latest entry keep things fresh, or is the franchise running out of steam? With the reborn form of the Locust known as the Swarm on the rampage, the COG is once again at war but Kait Diaz is finally forced to confront and seek the truth behind her headaches and bizarre visions. Her search for the truth in the shadows of the COG could lead to some harsh truths coming to light. Check out Luke’s video review to see what a long time, die-hard Gears fan thinks of the latest entry. If you’re looking for a laugh, check out this stupid thing Luke made while he was waiting for Premiere to properly process all the footage he’d captured.

Gears 5 is available on Xbox One and PC.

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