German Group Targets Diablo 3

There’s been much complaining about the constant internet connection needed to play Diablo lll, and now a German consumer advocacy group will be taking action on the matter. The group is giving Blizzard until July 27 to respond with a solution or they’ll be taken to court.

According to German site PC Gamer, the German consumer advocacy group the Federation of Consumer Organizations gave Blizzard up until July 20th to repackage the Diablo III boxes to better represent that not only does the game require an internet connection but that the connection must be persistent.
What’s more is that the group still isn’t happy about Diablo III’s always-on DRM especially with the game’s rocky launch. According to the advocacy group Blizzard should have anticipated the amount of server capacity required for player-load based on the demand for the game. Just to be clear, Diablo III sold 6.3 million copies in under a week.
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