Episodic DLC for Assassin’s Creed 3?

Hey I rhymed! I had no idea these episodic games existed until I heard about the ones for The Walking Dead, but they’ve been in existence for quite some time, and now may expand to the glorious world of Assassin’s Creed. Ubisoft sent a note to Gamestop that Kotaku managed to obtain, and among the multitude of bonus downloadable content is this epidosdic gameplay that could be accessed with a season pass for discounted prices for customers.

After that’s done, though, we’re told that Ubisoft has formed a team specifically to create post-release DLC for Assassin’s Creed III, and that there’ll be enough of it to warrant some kind of “season pass” being sold for the game which would presumably entitle purchasers to a discount rate for buying all of it at once.

Assassin’s Creed 3 wouldn’t be the first video game to offer season passes. Uncharted 3 made season passes available at the PlayStation Store last October for $24.99. After you buy the pass, XMB messages will link you to the add on content in the PlayStation Store on your PS3. The cost of the DLC for Uncharted 3 was almost twice as much without the pass. Other games that include season passes are Saints Row: The Third and Gears of War 3. Because as we all know, third time’s the charm.

I’m was already salivating at the chance to play this game. It takes place during the American Revolution in the New World, and the new character, Connor, has injected himself into the war to combat the never-ending struggle between the Assassin’s and the Templars. In the process, you’ll be fighting on ships and kicking Red Coat ass, and I can’t wait! Except I have to because it’s coming out on October 30 of this year. Yeah that’s right, Halloween! That’s all I want in my candy bucket. Hey who’s dressing up as an Assassin?

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11 years ago

I can’t WAIT for AC3. Cannot. Wait. I’d definitely buy the DLC. It’ll be interesting to see if that actually ends up happening! Anyway, welcome to the Livefyre community, and please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or feedback for us. We’d be happy to help!