Ghostwire: Tokyo: Best Way To Earn Meika

Even after the world has been turned upside down by a supernatural invasion, completely clearing the streets of all other people in Ghostwire: Tokyo, capitalism refuses to end. The shopkeepers may be gone, but spiritual cats have moved in to run the shops, and they still want your cold, hard cash in exchange for their goods. Akito can’t exactly count on a normal salary anymore, so he’ll need to turn to other methods to fill his wallet!

Meika is the currency of choice in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and thankfully it isn’t as tedious to earn as it can be in real life. You can likely make enough to get by playing normally, but if you want to make sure you can always stock up on much-needed supplies, there are a few ways to make some quick cash. This guide covers a few of these methods to help you become Ghostwire: Tokyo’s richest citizen.

Best Way To Earn Meika In Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo meika

There are plenty of ways to earn some cold, hard cash in Ghostwire: Tokyo, but there are a few that are far more efficient than others. Sure, you can pull a Link and smash all the pots and statues you happen upon, but these are only good for a small influx of cash. Here are a few more lucrative investments.

  1. Main and Side Missions: Just like with XP, the biggest cash injections come from completing main missions, followed by side missions. The only issue with these is that you only have so many of them, and if you need to stock up cash to even complete one, it won’t really do you much good.
  2. Relic Missions: In a somewhat ironic twist, the spirit cats known as Nekomatas will send you on fetch quests to collect Relics for them. Every Relic you turn in will net you a nice sum of Meika, plus some additional rewards to sweeten the deal. While there aren’t an unlimited number of Relics in Ghostwire: Tokyo, there are over 100, so you should have no problem filling your bank account before running out!
  3. Feed The Dogs: If you come across a lonely pooch on the streets of Tokyo, give the good pupper some food and they’ll lead you to some hidden treasure! It isn’t guaranteed to be Meika, but it will always be something good!

Between those three methods, you should have all the cash you need to fill up your inventory before taking on the hideous horrors spread across Ghostwire: Tokyo. Are you enjoying this spooky game? What’s your preferred method of earning Meika? Comment below and let us know!

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