Golden Idol Mysteries The Spider Of Lanka: Case 2 Guide

The Spider of Lanka DLC for mystery puzzler The Case of the Golden Idol features three brand-new cases, and Case 2 might just be the trickiest of the lot. Featuring royal politics, deadly poisons, and sneaky sabotage, “The Unfortunate Accident at the Raja’s Court” challenges players to figure out what happened when a Lankan raja tried to name a successor. This guide will help players collect each clue and solve every puzzle in Case 2 of Golden Idol Mysteries: The Spider of Lanka.


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There are 38 clues to find in this chapter. There are many different locations, so make sure to go through each one thoroughly to find every clue before moving on to puzzle solving. The clues can be divided into three categories: names (of both people and places), nouns, and verbs. The clues are as follows:


  • Abhaya
  • Albert
  • Anula
  • Cloudsley
  • Arri
  • Gamini
  • Jayan
  • Ji
  • Kerra
  • Jambupur
  • Jaffna
  • Klusapur
  • Lankapur
  • Putra
  • Sukerra
  • Sun
  • Tissa
  • Vijaya
  • Yupik
  • Zubiri


  • beetle
  • blademaster
  • centipede
  • cricket
  • mouth
  • raja
  • room
  • scorpion
  • secret
  • spider
  • spymaster
  • statue


  • failed
  • killed
  • loved
  • revealed
  • seduced
  • succeeded

Puzzle Solutions

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As usual, start by identifying as many characters as possible. Zubiri Kerra returns from last chapter on the first screen being arrested. The light-skinned man watching is holding identification that names him Albert Cloudsley (like Geller last chapter, Cloudsley is a returning character from The Case of the Golden Idol who you may recognize).

A note in Zubiri’s pocket names his father as Yupik Kerra. Since we know from various characters’ dialogue that Yupik is currently begging for his son’s life for the Raja, he is the man standing before the Raja’s throne, wearing a white-and-green spotted hood. The man in the elaborate crown is of course the Raja, and a note in Albert’s pocket gives his first name as Abhaya, but finding out his last name is going to be a bit trickier.

A book in Albert Cloudsley’s pocket names the three ruling families of Lanka: Jaffna, Gamini, and Vijaya. A map on the office wall further reveals the capital city of each family’s kingdom. Thus, to learn the Raja and his children’s last name, we must figure out what city we are in. We can do this by navigating by the moon – also described in the book in Albert’s pocket. From the angle of the moon, we can see that the mountains and bird statue are to the south of our current location, so we must be in the only capital city north of them: Klusapur. Thus, the raja can be identified as Abhaya Gamini.

Now, look at the Raja’s two children. Each holds a letter in their pocket address to the other, so their first names can be learned from that. The dead daughter is Anula Gamini and the living son is Tissa Gamini.

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There are three characters left to identify: the dead woman inside the mechanism and the two men arresting Zubiri. Zubiri has a letter in his pocket from a woman named Arri, and a document in the spymaster’s desk names a servant woman from the Sukerra family, so her full name is Arri Sukerra.

Two men are left. The same note that reveals Arri’s last name confirms that the Blademaster’s last name is Ji. We also know from a letter in Arri’s pocket that her lover was named Jayan, so the man holding the sword has the full name Jayan Ji. A letter Jayan wrote to the spymaster reveals his first name as Putra, while a document in the spymaster’s own pocket confirms his last name, so he is Putra Sun.

Once you have all characters identified, you can also fill out the two scrolls on the right side of the Thinking screen. The top scroll reads:

Lemurian delegation consists of Zubiri Kerra, Yupik Kerra, and Ari Sukerra.

The second scroll reads:

Abhaya Gamini is Raja, Putra Sun is Spymaster, Jayan Ji is Blademaster in the city of Klusapur.

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Now, we know that the Raja’s two children took a written test to determine who would become the next Raja. A note in Arri’s pocket mentions that the person who passed the test would be wearing a ceremonial apron, and that is Anula. In the third scroll on the right of the Thinking screen, match the test-taker to their answers. The test written in pink ink is correct, so fill in “Anula Gamini filled this in and succeeded.” The test written in teal ink is incorrect, so fill in “Tissa Gamini filled this in and failed.” (the successful test can be identified because a hint found tossed in the bushes reveals that the solution to the second question is 3 x 6 or 18, which is Anula’s answer).

But if Anula succeeded, how did she wind up dead? The mural on the ceiling of the testing hall shows that the person who passes the written test undergoes a ritual where they are cut by a blade but “magically” survive. Anula did not survive the ritual, and the reason for that is the person hiding underneath and manipulating the blade – Arri – died before the ritual happened.

The last thing you need to figure out is how Arri died. Observe her hand – there’s a blue stain on her fingers and bits of crushed insect. In order to figure out what killed her, check out the different ink colors scattered about the map. The matching blue ink can be found in the Raja’s chamber and is labeled “Lacqua Ink.” A document in Cloudsley’s pocket reveals that Lacqua Ink comes from venomous crickets.

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But where did Tissa – who would want to see the successful Anula die so he could become heir – get the cricket? Once again, the answer is found in Cloudsley’s pocket. He has a letter saying that he should put the “gift” he is bringing – the cricket – in a location shown via a drawing. The drawing shows the cricket going inside a mouth. Look around to find something with an open mouth, and the answer reveals itself: the demon statue near where Anula’s body lies (anula and Tissa also have a coded message in their pockets that reference a “mouth”).

Finally, read Putra and Jayan’s dialogue to learn that Zubiri’s life is in danger because the ritual failed. Yupik is begging for his son’s life in the Raja’s chamber, and he uses the word “information” which indicates what he shared with the Raja to keep Zubiri alive.

With this information, you can fill out the final scroll for this chapter. It reads:

Tissa Gamini killed Arri Sukerra using a cricket which he found in the mouth of the statue. It was delivered by Albert Cloudsley. This resulted in the death of Anula Gamini. As a result, Abhaya Gamini demanded Zubiri Kerra’s life, but instead Yupik Kerra revealed a secret in exchange.

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This completes the extremely tricky second case of Golden Idol Mysteries: The Spider of Lanka. In the final case, players will learn how Cloudsley and Geller worked together to escape Lanka and bring the titular golden idol back to their homeland. Plus, don’t forget to check out GameLuster’s other The Case of the Golden Idol guides to track the idol’s journey through many generations of the cursed Cloudsley family!

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