Gravity Rush Movie In Development, Anna Mastro To Direct

It seems PlayStation is getting serious about making movies of their games, as a Gravity Rush movie has now been confirmed by Deadline to be in development. This is the second piece of major PlayStation film news in the last few days, after the Days Gone movie announcement. The film is set to be directed by Anna Mastro, known for directing many music videos, as well as the Disney+ superhero movie Secret Society of Second-Born Royals.

We can see how Gravity Rush could make for an exciting film project. The game was originally a PS Vita title, before being remastered for the PS4. The story follows Kat, a woman who can manipulate gravity at her will, letting her float, fly and walk up walls. She uses these powers to defend her town from the evil Nevi monsters that emerge from gravity storms.

Japan Studio line-up of characters
Japan Studio had a whole cast of popular characters before their dissolution in 2020.

The game and its 2017 sequel Gravity Rush 2 were developed by Sony’s Japan Studio, before the company was dissolved in 2020 after Sony didn’t renew most of the contracts for Japan Studio employees – outside of Astro’s Playroom dev Team Asobi.

It’s interesting the two most recent Sony movie announcements are from franchises the company didn’t deem profitable enough in the gaming space. Let’s hope this is a sign they still have a future.

Are you interested in the idea of a Gravity Rush movie? What PlayStation property is headed for Hollywood next? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more video game movie news.


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