In an impressive yet unsurprising feat for the former PlayStation exclusive, Spider-Man Remastered has become PlayStation’s biggest PC launch ever in the UK. The news (brought to us by the lovely folks over at GamesIndustry) reveal the game’s launch was 26% higher than the last major Sony title, God of War. It is also PC’s fourth fastest-selling game of the year, beaten out by Elden RingTotal War: Warhammer 3, as well as LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Sony is surely very pleased with these results. The shift of plans in favor of sending their PlayStation titles to PC seems to be a lucrative one, with more successes sure to follow. As was reported last week, Sony may be getting even more serious about their PC ports with PlayStation Network integration. The files hidden inside Spider-Man Remastered seem to tease this potential future.

Miles-Morales swinging through the streets in spider-man miles morales
Spider-Man: Miles Morales is another title yet to make the leap to PC.

There are still some glaring omissions from the PlayStation line-up that are absent on PC. The biggest of course being FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, as well as the new Ratchet & Clank titles. Whether we’ll ever see them on PC remains to be seen. It must be becoming very clear to Sony that having these titles on more systems will make more money – who knew, eh?

What PlayStation games do you need next on PC? We already know you’re going to say Bloodborne, but feel free to say it again in the comments below! For more PlayStation news, along with the latest PC ports, keep your eyes right here on GameLuster.

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