Hades 2 Announced At Game Awards 2022

Fans have been hoping for new content related to Hades, the roguelike indie game from Supergiant Games, pretty much since the moment it was first previewed. Many hoped that the new content would come in the form of DLC or an expansion of some sort – but few were expecting a full-on sequel! Shouts were heard throughout the hall and from households around the country when Hades 2 was officially announced and debuted its first ever preview during the 2022 Game Awards.

Little was revealed about Hades 2 from its first trailer, but it was more than enough to get fans of the game hyped. The game stars a new protagonist, Melinoe, who is confirmed to be a brother of Zagreus and a powerful witch. It was not confirmed whether Zagreus, the protagonist of the original game, would be returning in any capacity, whether as a playable character or an NPC.

A god, Apollo, was also shown aiding the protagonist with blessings as other gods were able to do to Zagreus in the original Hades. Other new characters shown include Shades, the spirits of the dead, and a mysterious hooded figure who the protagonist is shown fighting against, possibly as a boss encounter.

Most interestingly, the trailer for Hades 2 – stylized as Hades II – made references to “going down” rather than “going up.” This has led some fans to speculate that the protagonist may be trying to break her way into Hades, rather than escaping it as Zagreus wished to in the original game.

While the trailer for Hades 2 did not confirm any official release date for the game, it did reveal that the game will enter early access some time in 2023. The original Hades also had a period of early access before its official release, and developer Supergiant Games took player feedback to heart when improving the game for its final debut.

Are you excited for Hades 2? What was your favorite announcement made during the Game Awards 2022? Comment below and let us know!


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