Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Gets Release Date at Game Awards

2022’s Game Awards was filled with exciting announcements. From Hades 2 to the Bayonetta spinoff Cereza and the Lost Demon, fans were treated to a number of world premieres and announcements regarding both unreleased and ongoing games. Fans were excited to see new footage from the upcoming title Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and they were not disappointed – especially because the game was given an official release date.

Although leakers had hinted at a release date some time in March 2023, the Game Awards announcement was the first to officially confirm March 17, 2023 as the game’s debut date. It will release for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X and will be published by Electronic Arts.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a sequel to the 2019 title Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which received praise for its Metroidvania-inspired gameplay and unique handling of The Force as a gameplay mechanic. Fallen Order was one of the most popular action games of its year, receiving a nomination for Best Action Game at the 2020 Game Awards.

Survivor will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor with action-adventure gameplay. It is set five years after the events of Fallen Order, and will star Jedi Knight Cal Kestis as he fights against the Galactic Empire. The game will focus on Kestis as one of the few remaining Jedi in the entire galaxy following the successful implementation of Order 66, and his conflict with several new antagonists, including a shady Imperial Senator stationed on Coruscant.

The gameplay trailer revealed at the Game Awards focused on how Kestis will fare in combat, including the ability to use both lightsabers and The Force. The trailer confirmed that Kestis is on the run from the Empire following the events of Fallen Order, and that a major portion of the game’s story will focus on the various risky and potentially dangerous actions he takes to avoid being caught.

Are you excited for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? Are you new to the Star Wars series of games, or were you a fan of Fallen Order who has been eagerly waiting for the sequel ever since its announcement? What was your favorite and most-hyped announcement at the Game Awards 2022? Comment below and let us know!

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