Hades Receives New Rating for PS4 Version

A rating for a PlayStation 4 version of hit rogue-like Hades has been spotted on the website of Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee, indicating that the game may soon make its way to a Sony console. Originally released in early access as an Epic Games Store exclusive, the game is now available in full on PC and Nintendo Switch, but has not been announced for any consoles outside of these – at least, not yet.

The rating, pointed out by ResetERA user modiz, also gives us some interesting insight into the publisher for this version of Hades. While the PC and Switch versions were published by Supergiant itself, it seems like Take Two will be taking on this role for the game’s PS4 release. Also, the rating does not give any indication as to whether the new version of the game will have the same cross-save function that enables players to keep their progress between platforms.

Although the game has not been announced yet for any new consoles, it seems fairly likely that a PS4 version of Hades would eventually release; bringing an award winning title to one of the best selling consoles in history doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Interested in what we at GameLuster thought about Hades? Check out our video review of the game, or maybe listen to a few of us waffle on about it on our podcast.

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