HAWKEN bursts into Steam tomorrow.

This past week has anticipated lots of excitement for a certain type of game with Mechs, and there are plans to escalate the hype train for the game this coming week with the beta opening on Friday. But maybe it’s time to show some attention to another game with Mechs,and that game would be HAWKEN (better known as HAЩʞEN). Remember that game? Old First-Person-Shooter mech game that had pretty graphics and promising action,but was forgotten in oblivion after staying in beta for so long. Adhesive Games finally decided that if their game was to stay relevant,that they finally publish it on Steam.Up to this point, Hawken has stayed in Early Access,but as of tomorrow the game will be fully released at 11AM Pacific Standard Time. Due to released of the Steam version,the website launcher for the original game will shut down. Luckily for anyone that played a great deal of the website version,their progress achieved thus far will be saved and transferred over to Steam.

If your sick of all this Titanfall hype,you can chose to be a hipster and play a forgotten jewel of a game.


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