Little Mac Revealed For Super Smash Bros.

In today’s Nintendo Direct, a newcomer for Super Smash Bros. has been revealed: Little Mac. His arrival was hinted at by the previously revealed boxing arena stage, but he was neither confirmed nor shown before the Nintendo Direct. He is shown to have a unique KO meter that builds as he attacks other fighters, and when it is filled, he can unleash a powerful attack that will likely knock anyone hit off the stage. He can charge up a powerful forward punch similar to Ganondorf, and is also capable of blocking an attack and returning a counterattack. His recovery move, a spinning uppercut, does not look terribly good, as it does not allow for any horizontal movement, but it seems to be quite powerful; it ends with a flash that launches the receiver of the attack. Finally, it is shown for a brief moment that his Final Smash will allow him to transform into Giga Mac. Little Mac seems to be a very diverse character that uses many physical, close range attacks. It will be interesting to see how the rest of his moveset turns out.

Super Smash Bros. releases in 2014.

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