Host Your Next Mario Party Online with Mario Party Superstars

Great news for fans of Nintendo’s beloved friendship-ruiner: there’s a new (well, sort of new) Mario Party game coming to Nintendo Switch! During Nintendo’s E3 Direct, the company announced Mario Party Superstars, a classic Mario Party mashup coming this fall. Challenge your friends and end your friendships on remastered game boards from the Mario Party 64 era, like Peach’s Birthday Cake and Space Land. Each board has had a graphical update, but have kept the insane and often brutal random events that made these levels so memorable. The minigames are also a selection of 100 games pulled from across the series, with remastered graphics and gameplay. And, unlike in Super Mario Party, the newest Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch, Superstars’ minigames all support button controls, meaning that fans with a Nintendo Switch Lite can also join the party.

mps minigame
Face Lift, a beloved classic Mario Party minigame, makes its triumphant return.

But the biggest news is that Mario Party Superstars supports online play. That’s right, now you can party with people all around the world. You can host private games for your long-distanced friends, or even be matched with random players all around the world if you need people to play with. During online matches, players use stickers to interact with each other, so you can cheer for others’ victories or lament your misfortune for everyone to see.  If playing in a game with friends, there is also a new feature that lets players pause the game for breaks, if needed.

mps stickers 1
Use stickers to show support for others in online matchups.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or new to a Mario Party, there’s something for everyone in this dynamic party game. Tides can change at any moment, so get ready to roll the dice. Mario Party Superstars launches on October 29, with digital preorders open now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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