Online gaming is one of the most popular pastimes around, and it’s no secret why. Gaming is fun, interactive, and you have thousands of different games and platforms to choose from. The mechanics of a game may call for particular concentration and skill, and this requires a very specific type of background music that stimulates your brain to perform certain actions. The type of music that developers add to a game can also make your body react with an increased heart rate or goosebumps, and this is all to make the game more enjoyable for you, the player.

Car racing, in particular, usually has a list of various popular artists and high-paced rock music that makes players drive better in the game. Online casino soundtracks often have rock music as it is believed to keep you alert so you keep playing. Read on to find out how games are tricking your body into having a good experience, and keeping you coming back for more.

You May Play Better or Worse by Intention

Games like DOOM and CS: GO that are first-person shooters (FPS) will input war-like sounds with guns firing and bombs going off. Your character will also start to breathe heavier and you may even feel vibrations on the controls. This is intentional to have you so immersed in the fight sequence that you play as though you are fighting for your life. You will find that if you turned all of these sounds down, you would start to play badly. When you are so involved in trying to kill the enemy, your brain starts firing electrical signals to your body that make you perform better. If you repeatedly die, chances are you will keep coming back until you have killed that boss and you can progress. It is a natural need for humans to want to succeed against all odds.

Racing games can be different though. Most online racing games have popular songs, but it doesn’t always fit with the player’s style of racing. It has been found that you drive better in racing games if you listen to your favourite music, and turn down the preloaded soundtrack. This is a cool way to trick the brain yourself and perform better.

They Intensify Your Emotions

Some games are highly immersive with quest lines and side stories that take you all over a map. When you are not fighting monsters and villains, you are probably roaming around looking for hidden items and foraging for supplies. The fight sequences in Role-Playing-Games (RPGs) like The Witcher series are fast-paced to make you feel as though you are in a real fight.

Other games, like Final Fantasy, use a mix of classical and indie rock when you aren’t in combat. If you were to look up the origin of the music, you will find that most of it was composed with a live orchestra and a hoard of musical instruments, similar to what you would hear in the movie Inception. The classical element to the game music can put you into another world where you feel as though you are the actual character.

It Sets the Mood

Think how you would feel if you went to a fancy dinner party that was playing heavy bass or rave. It would feel rather strange and the atmosphere would be all wrong. Game developers use this knowledge to affect how we experience their creations. Online casinos are especially guilty of this, by influencing your behaviour to their will. You will hear both soft relaxing music like jazz, as well as fast-paced beats that are meant to make your heart race. The notion is that if you are playing slots, for example, you should be relaxed so you spend more time placing bets.

Casino games like roulette or blackjack may have rapid music that causes you to make rash decisions and take risky bets. You can find all types of real-world online games to earn cash. Online Casinos is the top-rated online platform in the UK and is only associated with reliable and credible online casinos. You can get amazing welcome bonuses and cashback when you play through this site, and you don’t have to pay any upfront deposits. Whether you prefer mobile games or slots, Online Casinos has it all.

You May Spend Real Money

Pay-to-win has become a popular gaming tactic for many developers, where you can advance in the game by spending real money. It might take away the competitiveness and comradery from online gaming, but this is all done with the music and sound effects. Similar to casinos, FPS and RPG games are known to have some of the best soundtracks available, with many being rereleased onto CD, Spotify, and Sound Cloud.

Many of the latest games being released will only allow you to go so far once you have finished the main quest or objective. Because you are so immersed in your favourite game, thanks to clever biological tricks, you want to continue playing. The only way then is to purchase in-game items or additional quests to keep playing. The point of the game is to keep you engaged so that you continue playing. This can be done by playing a high-pitched sound that makes you feel rewarded, like in Candy Crush. Your body instinctively wants to be rewarded over and over, so you keep playing to hear that magical sound.

It is no secret that music can change your mood, affect your behaviour and even increase your work performance. The way that a person perceives music has very particular psychological effects on the brain that make you feel different emotions. It can even energise you if you are exercising or need to work at a fast pace. You can use music for a variety of reasons, and it’s clear to see why online game developers use this tactic when creating their fantastical worlds. The wrong type of music can make you stop playing a game or even worse, suck at it, and both gamers and developers want to be performing at their maximum capacity.

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