How to Earn the Diablo 2 Spirit Sword

Due to Diablo II: Resurrected’s heavy focus on stat building as its core mechanical thrust, there have been years of experimentation and documentation on build options and loot drops. As a result, there are many ways for players to get a step ahead of others relatively early: drop farming, stat optimization, and many others. However, few items are as useful as the Spirit Sword. Just by gaining a standard crystal sword and four runes, you can create a powerful weapon that will tear through enemies and make grinding a breeze.

This combination of rune collection and weapon altering will give you the significant boost you need to keep your Diablo II experience running as smoothly as possible.However, if you want to instantly get a Spirit Sword, the quickest way is always to Buy Runewords from Rpgstash.


Runes are Diablo II’s way of upgrading and customizing weapons and adding additional player-mandated statistics. However, there is a caveat- some rune combinations are much better than others. RPGStash recommends the following combination to achieve your maximum potential in the early game:

  • 1 Tal Rune – +75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds
  • 1 Thul Rune – 3-14 Cold Damage Over 3 Seconds
  • 1 Ort Rune – 1-50 Lightning Damage
  • 1 Amn Rune – 7% Life Stolen Per Hit

Luckily, there are a few key ways to get the necessary items. These drops can be found from defeating the Normal Countess and Nightmare Countess bosses at the end of their dungeons. In addition, the Cow Level is a great area to farm for runes. For the swiftest and easiest option, you can head to for affordable prices on runes and items to speed up your playthrough. Runes can also be altered through the game’s primary upgrading system, cube recipes. If you earn many runes through grinding and get duplicates, three of each rune type will yield the upgraded version, which has the potential to make your spirit sword even better than the basic build!

It’s also recommended to temporarily equip drop-enhancing runes to your character. This will save you plenty of time, and they can also be easily gained through basic mid-game dungeons. To summarize the perfect grinding process, your order of operations should start with equipping an item with a grind bonus modifier, moving to one of the mid-game dungeons or bosses listed above, and grind battles until you receive the required spirit runes.

The D2 Crystal Sword

While a similar combination can be achieved with different weapon types, we recommend a standard sword for maximum effectiveness. With its low dexterity requirements, the standard crystal sword is an excellent option for just about any character build. In addition, it has four total rune slots. Therefore, the crystal sword is easily the best among the four-socket swords in D2. Any weapons modified by Larzuk will automatically reach the maximum number of possible slots; thus, this method remains the best option. You can also use a cube recipe if you are in a hurry. However, this isn’t the best idea as the number of slots is randomized and might yield less than four slots after all the grinding required.

There are many places to grind for the crystal sword. In this case, the main thing to remember is to choose an upper-level dungeon with a large mob level, so any major dungeon from acts three to five should suffice. The cow level also has plenty of drops; however, due to its massive drop ratio, other weapons have a similar rate. This option is a good tradeoff of time for effort because even though you will be forced to sort through your inventory regularly, it takes less time than a regular dungeon grind. As with the runes, the crystal sword is also available via trade and purchase through specific websites or simply trading with other players.

In terms of statistics, the crystal sword has a low dexterity requirement, as listed above. It does have a relatively high strength requirement but makes up for it with 5-15 melee damage before socketing it with runes.


The next step is getting your sword socketed. To maximize the effectiveness of this build, we’ll need a four-socketed sword. Luckily, the crystal sword has that exact amount and is fairly strong to boot. Take it to Larzuk for the upgrade, and after the process, you will gain a four-socket crystal sword that will allow for the build. It only takes a small fee to perform this upgrade.

All that remains is to socket the runes into the sword! Make sure you upgrade any runes you can after going through the entire process. Then, you can easily sell or trade the remaining unwanted loot and earn back the time you spent in exchange for gold.

After this, your specialized rune sword is available for use. Not only does it boost all skills for a lengthy period, but it also improves hit rate and recovery for your character and deals with lightning, cold, and poisoning damage over time. There’s also an incredible life heal and heavy damage reduction against ranged attacks. This is incredibly important, as late-game enemies tend to favor ranged attacks over standard melee damage. There are minor bonuses for mana regeneration and magic defense, as well. The crystal spirit sword is effective as a standard melee weapon for every single class in the game, particularly if you build them with an elemental focus.

These unique features set the weapon as the pinnacle of spirit Diablo 2 weapons and will secure its place as a major asset to your character build.

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1 year ago

You obviously never played Diablo 2 seeing as you’re using items from elden ring like gold scarab talisman and gold pickled foul foot…both which are not in d2 but in elden ring.

Moises Garza
1 year ago
Reply to  Noname

It has been removed, thank you. This was a guest article, looks like the guest writer didn’t properly vet the information.