Hyrule Warriors set to have a big cast of Female characters, another mode yet to be announced

Females have never really played a major part in the Zelda franchise particularly in the form of gameplay they more acted as just a significant character or a lead to getting a specific thing in the game but it appears Hyrule Warriors is set to rectify this with a big cast of female characters for the new game. To date we only know about four characters that are set to be playable, these include Link, Zelda, Midna ans Impa as it stands at the moment we have three female characters to one male character but apparently there are plenty of character announcements still to come and many of them are apparently female. One of the people speaking on the latest Treehouse stream mentioned that “at least half” of the roster consists of female inclusions.

Also on the stream, it was stated that another important mode for Hyrule Warriors hasn’t been announced. There should be a lot of reveals to look forward to!

So there you go, oh the possibilities, I would love to see characters such as Medli form Wind Waker or Ruto or Saria from Ocarina of Time enter the battlefield but that is just me.

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