If There’s A GTA V Pacifist Mode – One Player Has Found It

A streamer by the name of Matthew Judge, also known by his online moniker of DarkViperAU, has completed the entire story mode for Grand Theft Auto V – and found a way to kill as few people as possible to reach the end. It sounds like a challenge, and it is. Judge first undertook the challenge on May 25, 2019, and the streamer has only just now completed the game. That’s more than forty months, which makes this challenge much more incredible. 

The streamer has uploaded twenty-seven videos to his Youtube channel – and the clips, put together, contain more than one thousand hours of footage. Throughout the entirety of the story mode, DarkViperAU has made every attempt to avoid killing NPCs or enemies. Naturally, it’s impossible to progress through the story without killing here and there – so one could be forgiven for breaking the pacifist approach.

The streamer has employed stealth and strategy to keep his challenge alive and even used NPCs against one another to ensure he can survive combat scenarios kill-free. To tally up his achievements at the end, DarkViperAU completed his run with only ninety-six kills, thirty of which were from a firearm, while the remaining sixty-six were from melee attacks. 

When one considers how deeply rooted the themes of violence and criminality are embedded into the game, it’s remarkable that the streamer has come away with less than a hundred overall. To conclude the final video in the series, which has generated more than 30 million views and amassed 90,000 subscribers, DarkViperAu added that the challenge “has also taken the better part of my sanity, but it was well worth it.”

In other Grand Theft Auto news, and sticking with the subject of dedicated players, a superfan of the crime series recreated Vice City entirely out of cardboard.

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