Indie Power Hour: NaNoRenO 2019 Games – Pizzas, Purges, and Presidents!

Indie Power Hour is a show which focuses on new and upcoming indie games. In each episode, GameLuster writer Chloe Spencer will discuss the basic facts and elements of the game. The goal is not to play a game to completion, but rather highlight interesting projects viewers might not have known much about.

NaNoRenO is a month long game jam which challenges indie devs to make a fully playable visual novel. There are no restrictions on content or genre. In this episode of Indie Power Hour, Chloe plays three games from the jam: Charles 2.0, Redd War, and Order A Pizza. Each game is unique in terms of its story and art style.

All the games for NaNoRenO, including the ones played in this episode, are available for free on

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