IndiePowerHour: DARQ

Some dreams can be peaceful. Others are nightmares that you can’t escape from– or can you? Enter the world of DARQ, a horror-platformer that focuses on a young boy named Lloyd (inaccurately referred to in this video as “Floyd”) who becomes aware of the fact that he is lucid-dreaming, and winds up in a horrifying nightmare. Lloyd must perform gravity defying stunts and solve puzzles in order to wake up. Can Lloyd escape the nightmare? Or will he forever be lost to the darkness of this world?

DARQ is the first-ever release from indie Unfold Games. You can grab it here on Steam now.

Indie Power Hour is a show which focuses on new and upcoming indie games. In each episode, GameLuster writer Chloe Spencer will discuss the basic facts and elements of the game, as well as demonstrate one hour of gameplay. The goal is not to play a game to completion, but rather highlight interesting projects viewers might not have known much about.

Click here to watch the video.


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