Infinity Ward Artist Reveals Unused Modern Warfare Zombie Art

Concept art has been shared by Infinity Ward, revealing what may have become a zombies mode for last year’s reimagined Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Aaron Beck, the principal artist at Infinity Ward, revealed concept art through his Instagram, citing that he’d received clearance from the studio to do so.

The concept art is, at best, freakishly daunting to look at, involving four-legged robot drones holding captive, zombified soldiers. The setting, which may be Russia in the winter, is snow-laden and not a place you’d want to find yourself.

However, the artwork makes us wish Infinity Ward hadn’t scrapped the initial concepts.

Aaron Beck wrote in his post beneath the image that he’d received “got clearance to share more art from Modern Warfare!”

He explains that he’d been “thinking it would be fun to play with the classic Call Of Duty zombie gameplay,”

As great as it’d be for Infinity Ward to introduce a zombies mode into Warzone, it appears unlikely, as previously cited by the game’s campaign gameplay director Jacob Minkoff.

In an interview with Playstation Lifestyle, he explained the studio was “trying to create an authentic, realistic feeling world.”

“We don’t have the flexibility to do something like put zombies in the game.”

Elsewhere, Infinity Ward released a new playlist update and the latest patch. The patch fixes two critical problems. The first is a fix for the realism moshpit playlist, which would not rotate modes, while the second amends a poorly functioning CDL playlist.

The playlist update, available on all platforms, has removed the Shoot the Ship playlist, and separated Shipment (5v5) and Shoot House (8v8), into two individual playlists.

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