Inside Xbox: First Look at Psychological Horror Title “Medium”

One of the special guests featured in today’s Inside Xbox stream was Jacek Zieba from Polish-based game developer Bloober Team. Zieba was proud to announce that the studio, which is known for its terrifying horror titles including Layers of Fear, Observer, and Blair Witch, has developed a brand new psychological horror title for the upcoming Xbox Series X next-generation console.

The game is Medium, which, according to Zieba, Bloober’s team members have dreamed of creating for years. The right hardware for it was just never there, the producer explained, and only the development of the Xbox Series X finally allowed the team to make their dream into a reality.

Medium tells the chilling story of Marianne, who is tormented by visions that allow her to access and explore a mysterious otherworld parallel to our own. Within this world, the medium will be able to discover the dark inner secrets of the people around them. Zieba described this second world as filled with “anger, urges, and secrets,” a stunning exploration into all the darkest parts of humanity.

The game will be set in the city of Krakow, Poland, during the 1980sm a time, Zieba explained, which holds great importance in the hearts of his countrymen. The final decade of the Polish People’s Republic was fraught with political and economic turmoil as the country transitioned into and out of martial law and moved towards a complete governmental transformation. These tense, difficult years will serve as the backdrop for Medium’s rich, mysterious story.

According to Zieba, the critical question this game will ask is, “What are you willing to sacrifice for your family?”

Zieba also had an especially exciting announcement to make during the Inside Xbox event. For the making of Medium, Bloober’s in-house composer Arkadiusz Reikowski has teamed up with legendary Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka to create a one-of-a-kind horror soundtrack. We eagerly await the chilling creations which the Reikowski-Yamaoka will inevitably produce.

Medium is currently planned for a holiday release for Xbox Series X and PC. It is built to take advantage of Series X features, including DirectX raytracing and lightning-fast load times.

Are you excited — or terrified  — about the reveal of Medium? Let us know!

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