Inside Xbox: Robert Karp Talks Off-Road Racer Dirt 5

One of the no fewer than thirteen games featured during today’s Inside Xbox stream was Dirt 5, the upcoming brand-new installment in the popular Dirt racing franchise. Dirt 5 is developed by racing legend Codemasters and will launch for the next generation Xbox Series X console.

Development director Robert Karp appeared on Inside Xbox to discuss the latest entry in the long-running series, which began its life as Colin McRae Rally in 1998 and has spawned over ten titles since.

The focus of Dirt 5, explained Karp, was a combination of introducing brand new features and improving on favorite aspects of the previous games. Veteran Dirt fans will be thrilled to learn of the return of Career Mode, a story-based adventure where they must race to attract the attention of critical sponsors. Plus, up to four friends can play together using the split-screen couch co-op mode.

However, there’s also plenty of brand new tracks, cars, and more to explore. Dirt 5 will take racers to New York, Arizona, Norway, Brazil, Italy, and more as they try out the world’s most challenging tracks. A “Seasons” and “Weather” system also means that the tracks will change depending on the time of year – in particular, the Inside Xbox gameplay saw New York-bound players zipping along the frozen East River in the middle of winter.

New cars, Karp elaborated, will range from traditional rally standards to luxurious sports cars to off-road buggies. Cars specifically designed for drifting, featuring different sized wheels on each side of the vehicle, are an especially exciting new announcement.

Two veteran voice actors were also announced to be playing starring roles in Dirt 5. Troy Baker steps into the shoes of your experienced, hardened mentor character, while Nolan North serves as your rival. Both voice actors were thrilled to be involved in the creation of the exciting new racing game.

Dirt 5 will launch for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles as part of the all-new Smart Delivery system. Karp has announced that the game will feature colorful, high-intensity visuals and practically nonexistent loading times. It is planned to release sometime in October.

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