Insomniac Games open to supporting a Resistance remaster, has no plans to do it themselves

Remasters are a big thing in the game industry right now, as much as we are sick of seeing old games make a comeback in the current generation we all have a game or games that we want to see brought to current generation systems. Among the Playstation 3 selection of games requested for remaster Insomniac Games Resistance is highly requested for the Playstation 4, and Insomniac Games would be open to this happening.

On Twitter Insomniac Games has said they are open to Resistance being ported to the Playstation 4 but they do not want to handle the port. Instead Insomniac Games would be happy to “support” anyone who would want to like to handle the port to the Playstation 4.

At this time Sony has the rights to the Resistance franchise so they have to be the ones to call for a remaster or a sequel. Hopefully we might news on this game getting a remaster in the near future now we now it could happen.


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