Itagaki says Devils Third’s visuals have improved since E3, looking completly different now

This year’s E3 had its fair share of surprise announcements coming out of it for the Wii U, yes there was still the lack of third party software for the system but there a good selection interesting Wii U exclusives coming. One of the biggest surprises from this year’s E3 was definitely the announcement of Devils Third a game that I regrettably have given little mention to but does look like a really decently designed game and quite interesting release for a Wii U exclusive, without a doubt it should offer a great game to a market that Nintendo rarely tackles which is the mature gamer. Though if I thought it looked good at E3 then based on recent comments by the lead developer Devil’s Third could be vastly improved.

Tomonobu Itagaki and the team at Valhalla Game Studios have been working hard on Devil’s Third since E3, and as Itagaki points out the game has pointed out to one fan the effort has been worth it with improved visuals being just one of the improvements.

Itagaki mentioned that the textures, weapon and environment models, and lighting have seen an upgrade. Ultimately, “it’s looking completely different now.”

Itagaki has this to say:

The amount of progress we’ve made since then will surprise anyone. Higher-quality textures, improved weapon and environment models, better lighting… it’s looking completely different now.

That is not all, Valhalla has also upgraded Devil’s Third with its HUD UI, as well as button assignments have been modified. We still have to wait for more footage to see how things have changed but it is sounding quite promising.

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