Japanese Visual Novel Song of Memories Is Getting a Western Release On Switch and Playstation 4

Visual Novels are a common genre to find on the PC marketplace, but for console users these games seldom make their way to a platform of choice. For fans of the genre as well as Switch and PlayStation 4 owners, you can look forward to PQube’s Song of Memories, a game described as a “romantic visual novel,” which will be headed to the platform in North America and Europe this year.

Song of Memories tasks its players with the simple objective of finding a soulmate in this musical love story. The twist is that you will need to fight for your love in trying times as an apocalyptic virus begins sweeping the world and threatening those closest to you. Can you win love in these dire circumstances and walk away with a happy ending?

One of the more interesting elements of Song of Memories is that the game seems to be seeing limited censorship. You can expect a mostly pure experience compared to the original which should appeal to many visual novel fans.

You can watch a trailer for this below, but be wary this game does contain some pretty heavy adult content, so viewer discretion is advised.

This game certainly promises to be an interesting experience, with up to six girls to romance, multiple endings, dark twists, and complex storytelling. Should you be interested in owning this game physically PQube will be releasing a boxed copy for collectors to enjoy, which you can see the art for below.


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