Jill Valentine Now Playable in Resident Evil: Resistance

Resident Evil: Resistance, the all-new multiplayer experience set in virus-ravaged Raccoon City, pits players against one another in a unique one vs. four survival game. The four Survivors must work together to subvert the machinations of the sinister Mastermind and make it out of Raccoon City alive. The game comes bundled with the recently released remake of Resident Evil 3, which is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

Previously, the playable Survivors of Resistance were mostly ordinary Raccoon citizens, making their appearance in the franchise for the first time. One guy even got a ton of early press coverage, not for his unique skills or talents, but for merely being stuck with the slightly goofy name of “Martin Sandwich.” However, developer Capcom has officially released series mainstay Jill Valentine as a playable survivor.

Jill can be downloaded via a free update, which was initially made available on April 17. She comes wielding her trusty Samurai Edge, with the ability to upgrade to a Rocket Launcher at higher levels. She also boasts unparalleled dodging skills via her skill, Evade, which can be upgraded to deal additional damage.

However, some Resistance players have reported having difficulty getting to play as Jill, as she is by far the most famous survivor, and the majority of players are lining up to give her a try. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed in a future patch.

Capcom’s tweet, via the official Resident Evil Twitter, discussing the release of Jill also announced the next Mastermind being added to the game: none other than Nicholai Ginovaef. This deadly mercenary Jill opposes in Resident Evil 3. Nicholai will be released in an update coming sometime in May. Could Jill once again come face to face with Nemesis on the Resistance battleground?

While Jill was the primary focus, the free update also added new equipment as well as new outfits for each survivor. I love Martin’s clunky headphones and Samuel’s eye-catching American flag jacket.

Have you been enjoying playing as Jill in Resident Evil: Resistance? Let us know!

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