A “Frustrated” John Carpenter Quits The Last Of Us Part II

John Carpenter, like many others, became “frustrated” with a tricky generator puzzle in The Last Of Us Part II. At one stage, the horror filmmaker quit the Naughty Dog title altogether. We’ve all been there, so it’s nice to know we’re not alone. 

Best known for his music and directorial work on the Halloween franchise, Carpenter revealed his struggles with the sequel in an interview with the AV Club. In response to the news, the horror veteran received help from Naughty Dog, who were more than keen to offer some assistance.  

“I got stuck on The Last Of Us 2. I couldn’t get the generator started. Got frustrated.” Carpenter admitted during the interview. “Well, it isn’t fair! I wanted to keep going! But they didn’t let me.” he added. In another interview with IndieWire, Carpenter described the sequel as “beautiful. So far I’ve done very little zombie killing. I’ve had a snowball fight and played guitar.”

Naughty Dog were quick to pick up on Carpenter’s plight, which appears to refer to the Fedra gate generator puzzle during Ellie’s first day in Seattle. In a tweet to Carpenter, the studio reached out to the director and offered some guidance. They said they were “huge fans” of Carpenter’s work, and offered helpful tips on better navigating the puzzle, all within The Last of Us Part II‘s settings.

Here’s hoping that Carpenter has better luck if he decides to return to the game. Maybe he’ll even share final thoughts – his impressions thus far seem to be in line with most major outlets in 2020. The Last Of Us Part II was released on June 19, 2020, and is available on the PS4. For more The Last Of Us content, including a Dina lookalike who wants a part in the television adaptation, stay tuned right here with GameLuster. 

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