Latest from the Island: Stalk Market Woes as Nook’s Cranny Grows

What started as another typical week for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players has quickly become anything but. Last Sunday, savvy Stalk Market devotees visited Daisy Mae and spent thousands of Bells filling their island with turnips, hoping to sell them back during a mid-week price spike.

Some players quickly realized that Tom Nook and his nephews had done them dirty yet again, closing their doors on the very day when turnip prices were supposed to be highest.

But why is the usual pattern being disrupted in this way? Why is Nook closing down mid-week, and for so many players at once?

The answer, it seems, lies in the process of upgrading businesses on your island. To increase the size of the stores and the number of goods available, players have first to spend a significant amount of time improving their island’s rating, number of residents, and more. In particular, Nook’s Cranny will not expand until it has been open for a full 30 days.

Given that the game initially released on March 20, just over a month ago, many dedicated players are reaching that 30-day mark this week. However, the upgrade to Nook’s business is being met with stress and panic rather than joy.

Why’s that? Well, to expand their shop, Nook and the Nooklings have to close for an entire day, meaning wannabe “Bell-ionaires” miss out on a critical chance of getting the best price for their massive piles of turnips.

Fans have taken to Twitter to complain about the situation. Many rather creative Tweets have been made lamenting players’ Stalk Market woes.

Here are just a few examples:

There’s no ideal solution for getting rid of those pesky veggies. You can use your game’s settings to “time travel” into the future, but you run the risk of your entire “stock of stalks” rotting and becoming worthless. You can visit another player’s island and use their open Nook’s Cranny location, but folks are asking for higher and higher prices for this privilege. Be prepared to offer Bells, Nook Miles, DIY recipes, and more to earn your way past the “turnip bouncers,” which many players have hired.

However, with the news of widespread Nook’s Cranny closures, some kind players have temporarily decided to waive entry fees to their islands. Check the #turnip and #stalkmarket hashtags if you’re looking for somewhere to turn a profit on your turnips.

How have the Nook’s Cranny closures been impacting your island life? Let us know!

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