Mario Kart 8 DLC leaked – new and returning courses, Zelda, Animal Crossing, F-Zero

There is something exciting brewing over at Nintendo and to be honest I am really excited. I don’t know about anyone else but the excitement of Mario Kart 8 has really worn off, I haven’t put the game back in my Wii U in about a month and mostly I have been playing Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed which s far better. But I am open to ideas and having my thoughts changed and some leaked news about Mario Kart 8 could really improve my enjoyment for the game. A leak has confirmed there is DLC coming for Mario Kart 8 soon. This information comes from a listing on Nintendo’s UK store and it does announce some really exciting details.

The company is planning on introducing two new packs, each featuring characters, vehicles, and courses.

Here’s the full rundown:

Each Add On Content pack will contain two new cups, each with four courses, which, in total, increases the number of available courses by 50 percent. The Add On Content packs include classics like Wario’s Gold Mine from Mario Kart Wii, as well as new courses, some taking place in the worlds of The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing. New vehicles will also arrive with each pack, including the Blue Falcon kart representing the F-Zero franchise in the first AOC pack.

Mario Kart 8 Pack 1 – Released: November 2014

Pack 1 includes:

3 Characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link
4 Vehicles
8 Courses

Mario Kart 8 Pack 2 – Released: May 2015

Pack 2 includes:

3 Characters: Villager, Isabelle, Dry Bowser
4 Vehicles
8 Courses

The Legend of Zelda X Mario Kart 8 – AOC Pack is priced at £7.00. I don’t know about anyone else but this is really cool and I cannot wait to get my hands on the game when this is released, I am sorry Yoshi but their is a new hero in town that I will be excited to play as. Here’s hoping this content is really good and is as wonderful as it sounds.

Source: Nintendo UK Store

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