Mario Tennis Aces Serves up 3 New Characters in Early 2019

Nintendo has continued to refine Mario Tennis Aces since its launch earlier this year, adding new characters on a regular basis to help keep the game exciting and bring in favorites who didn’t make the release roster. Now as we draw closer to 2019, Nintendo has revealed that more characters are still yet to make their way to the courts of Mario Tennis. A new Japanese trailer features three new characters have been revealed that will bring their skills to the game in early 2019.

Among these is Luma, whom you will likely know from Super Mario Galaxy or Super Smash Bros. Pauline who most recently appeared as the mayor of New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey, is the second character shown off. The final character revealed is Boom Boom, a consistent villain in the Mario franchise who most recently appeared in Super Mario Party. All three will be added to the game somewhere between January and March.

In case you are wondering if any of these characters might match your playstyle, Luma is a technique-based character, Pauline is speedy, and Boom Boom is defensive.

As has been the case up to this point, each of the characters will be added to Mario Tennis Aces for free upon their release. You can see them all in the Japanese trailer below.

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