Marvel Snap’s Savage Season Has Landed

As with the card battler’s previous seasons, this month brings new cards, variants, locations, and a new game mode to Marvel Snap. This January we visit the Savage Land, with the Season Pass offering Zabu the sabre-toothed tiger. For three energy, Zabu has 2 power and the Ongoing effect of “Your 4-Cost cards cost 2 less. (minimum 1).” The Wong and Sera decks will surely benefit from Zabu’s addition, while Enchantress, Rogue, and maybe Sandman will be useful counters to it.


Five new locations are planned to roll out throughout the month: Eternity Range, Altar of Death, Rickety Bridge, Collapsed Mine, and Plunder Castle. Eternity Range is up first, and will add a Rock to the losing player’s side after turn 3.

New Cards

After Zabu, four new Series 5 cards are hitting the reserves and token shop: Sauron, Dazzler, Shanna, and The Shadow King. The most unique and exciting of these new cards is Shadow King, a 4-cost card whose ability is “Set all cards here to their original base Power.” This power is a perfect counter to the Patriot and Ka-zar decks, and also has use in locations like Shuri’s Lab and Muir Island.

Battle Mode

You will soon be able to play against friends via codes in the new Battle Mode, which sees you and your opponent using the same deck to face off. Instead of simply playing a single match, however, you’ll have a bar of ten health that shrinks whenever you lose cubes. Retreating, then, remains a viable option. Battle Mode will not affect your rank.

Season Pass

The new Season Pass comes with six total Variants, including Savage Land Variants of Storm, Zabu, and Ka-zar alongside three Mystery Variants. Like former Passes, this season’s also comes with Avatars for the new Variants, the Title “Zabu, No, Bad Kitty,” and a savagely slashed Card Back. The Season pass will also net you an additional 900 Gold and 300 Credits on top of the 300 Gold and 2300 Credits available in the free pass.

Will you be buying this latest Season Pass in Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comments below! For more on all things Marvel, including our coverage on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.



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