Meet the Newest member to the 3DS family the 2DS.

Yup that’s not typo on the title. Nintendo’s newest revision to 3DS is on its way and it will be called the 2DS. As the name clearly suggests this new revision will not have the ability to play your 3DS games in 3D, but other than that it functions the same as a regular 3DS. So the 2DS will be able to play all your 3DS Games as well as playing all DS games and also all eshop titles.

3DS family

The 2DS will not be using the clamshell design , instead it will opt for a slate design. The 2DS will launch on October 12 alongside Pokemon X and Y with a retail suggested Price of $129.
Personally I’m not fond of the design but this new entry level price will surely sell more units which could only mean good things for Nintendo.

See the Introduction Video below


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